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Herbs of Life Kombucha Peach & Apricot 330ml

Herbs of Life offers a unique way to consume raw living foods with good shelf life. They create unique artisan handcrafted crackers and crispbreads with the intention to provide wholesome plant-based food that is low GI, readily absorbed with activated se
Crispbread & CrackersKombucha
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Wheat Free
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Dairy Free
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Free Trade
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Rice Free
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Yeast Free
Herbs of Life Kombucha Peach and Apricot 330ml
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A delicious fermented tea beverage containing live enzymes and probiotics aimed at improving digestion and health. Pure, 100% natural, raw, unfiltered and handcrafted with fresh Blue Mountain spring water

Single origin fair trade certified organic green tea, organic Australian Peaches, organic Australian Apricots, kombucha culture, organic raw cane sugar (food source for fermentation), Blue Mountain Spring water, and love.

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